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The key to making videos quickly and staying ahead of the competition is the use of templates. This is what we call our, "Assembly Line".

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You'll be able to streamline the process of inserting text with fill-in-the-blank templates and eliminate the hassle of starting over from scratch again and again!

With our Assembly Line templates and backgrounds, you'll be able to give each of your videos that unique look and feel.


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* Camtasia Templates are only compatible with the PC version of Camtasia


MODULE ONE:  PowerPoint Mastery

You'll discover how to build a custom PowerPoint from start to finish. You'll also learn to weld chromakey aka green screen for maximum control of your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Learn what type of templates to use and when to speed up your video production! Everyone knows that templates make our lives easier and speeds up the process for us.
  • Discover where the background and bullet points come from. This video shows you my process for getting the PowerPoint parts for my videos.
  • Learn how to create the product PowerPoint for the 3 Media Product series. You'll be surprised to learn that it's not as difficult as you may think!
  • Learn how to add the text to the PowerPoint. Understand how to choose what to put in the presentation and what to leave out.
  • Discover the special technique I use for chromakey presentations. This technique will give you more control over the visual elements in post production
  • Learn why you should re-designed the PowerPoint for chromakey. You'll see how simple it is to remove the green background!

MODULE TWO:  Accelerated Presentations

We'll rapidly implement the PowerPoint techniques to create another video in no time! You'll discover how I quickly outline the video and then modify the template to create the video.

  • Learn how to prepare your outline for your presentation. These bullet points will also serve as a series of talking points for the audio portion of your video.
  • From outline to PowerPoint. Look over my shoulder while I show you how easy this is to do.
  • PowerPoint template training with some awesome tips and tricks. You'll learn when to use green screen and when to simply change your background in PowerPoint itself, and more!

MODULE THREE:  Making And Customizing Camtasia Templates

This module covers how to convert your PowerPoint templates to Camtasia templates. Then we'll make a video entirely within Camtasia. You'll also discover how to modify your Camtasia template to rapidly produce a second video. You'll clearly see how much flexibility the Editor truly has!

  • Create videos entirely inside of Camtasia using callouts, text, previously recorded audio, and pictures. You'll gain full control over all of the details in your video.
  • Discover how templates can work for you. Learn everything you need to do to successfully save templates you can use later.
  • Watch as I show you how the Post Pro template is used to create a full video. Gain maximum flexibility with your presentation and explainer videos.
  • Learn how to apply your template when you have to go along with the audio "as is." No need to start all over and lose the work you've done, I'll show you how to make it work!

Here's what a satisfied customer has to say:

Looking at creating a few videos, Screen Profits came along at just the right time. I found this course to be well laid out and full of useful information. The supplied video Templates help make building your video structure Easy, clean and nice to work with.

The course covers many screen capture tools.  I use Camtasia so I really liked that section. I would recommend Screen Profits to people who wants to improve on their video producing skills. Thank You Jeff for creating Screen Profits.

John Johns John Johns

These Additional Video Shortcuts Are
Reserved For "Assembly Line" Members Only

Here's What You Get:

101 Business People Images

Need some models for your videos? Look no further! Here's 101 different images you can use wherever you need a model for your videos, ebooks, or webpages. These models are generally professional in appearance and there are also several casually dressed. Use them to add a professional touch of flair!

Web Icons Package

Icons can make all the difference in your videos. They can be used to accentuate slides and bring your presentation to life. Here's a bunch you can use for not only your videos, but also your ebooks and webpages. They're in all different sizes, so you can literally drag and drop them right into yor presentations!

Professional Music Tracks

You'll never have to neglect the soundtrack of your video projects again. Here are 2 sets of music tracks for you to use in your videos and audiobooks. These are just what you need to add the background ambience that fills the "space" in your videos and makes your production come together professionally.

ProMusic Tracks

You can never have too much good music to chose nfrom for your video projects. The right audio track can make or break a video because the music is what creates EMOTION! Good music is hard to come by and many songs and sound effects carry high premiums. You're getting a huge bargain with these here!


We've Specifically Put This Package Together So You Can Dive Right In To The Core Material

Video Assembly Line is for you if you are looking to go to a whole new level of video production using the training and templates included. Smart Screen Profits members will see the value here and will want to include Video Assembly Line in their arsenal!


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  • YES! Please give me the MODULE 3 so I can discover the power of the Post-Production template and get the most flexibility and speed of modification and create videos entirely within Camtasia!
  • YES! Please give me the VIDEO ASSEMBLY LINE TEMPLATES so I can have access to the templates created in the Video Assembly Line training. Plus, I'll also get the Explainer asset library and the Video Parts Kits!
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  • YES! Please give me the Web Icons Pack can make all the difference in my videos. I can also them in my ebooks and webpages!
  • YES! Please give me the Professional Music Tracks so I can have access to 2 Volumes of Music Tracks are waiting for me to place them in the next staring role in my videos and audiobooks!
  • YES! Please give me the ProMusic Tracks so I can have even more professional music tracks for all of my marketing needs!
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*The Camtasia templates and associated training are based on the PC version of Camtasia. The Camtasia templates themselves only work with the PC version of Camtasia. Mac users will have to make their own templates by saving projects to their computers and importing them each time for use.

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