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Supercharge Your Screen Profits System Right Now With This ADDITIONAL Comprehensive Training So You Can Put Your Video Income On STEROIDS.

Accelerated Profits is the additional comprehensive training designed to take your video to the next level and put your video income on steroids in no time! You'll learn the entire process of video creation from preparation to uploading on your favorite site! You'll be able to literally do everything you need for your videos right inside of Camtasia without having to spend money on other tools!

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Here's What You Get:

MODULE ONE:  Accelerating Your Profits

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty of profitable video production. This module contains 3 VIDEOS that will cut right to the chase. I'm going to share with you the secrets to getting your videos set up for success!

  • Learn the secrets to accelerating your video production. Never again will you struggle to put your video courses together.
  • Master various strategies to ensure your content and your recordings are bang on! You'll love how easy this is and it's been staring you right in the face!
  • Find out how to position your video message on different social media platforms. This is super important for branding yourself and driving traffic!

MODULE TWO:  Catch Me If You Can

This is where we roll up our sleves and get down to business. This module has 10 VIDEOS dedicated to the preparation for making screen capture videos, all the nuts and bolts are covered in detail. You'll learn EXACTLY how to get your video marketing profits to the next level.

  • Learn the "Chalk Outline" method to getting busy! This is going to guarantee that you always start off on the right foot. You'll save tons of time!
  • Map out your video projects for SUCCESS. Save tons of time and energy by avoiding the wrong methods.
  • Leverage the power of "LucidChart" to map out your video projects. You'll love how this one task alone improves your performance.
  • Understand the usefulness of video mapping. You'll love the ENGAGEMENT power you'll discover when you learn to use video maps.
  • Know how to "Clear the deck" when the action is about to start. It's important to make sure everything's in position to insure your recording goes smoothly.
  • "Captura En Vivo" the live screen capture method. Learn to avoid the common traps of amateurs with live screen captures.
  • Learn to harness the power of video templates. This one feature will save you so much time that you'll double your video production pace.
  • Product creation templates will boost your creativity. Use my own templates in YOUR projects to save time and money!
  • Learn to make Slidn' Easy videos with your computer. By far the easiest video to make and you wont EVER risk looking like a "me too" marketer!
  • Discover my secret "SYNC" technique for creating the "perfect" audio track. This video will show you the expert shortcuts to creating flawless soundtracks in a cinch!

MODULE THREE:  Audacious Audacity

This module is dedicated to Audacity—one of the best free tools in the business! There are 8 VIDEOS, you'll learn everything you need to know to kick ass with Audacity. You'll be able to record your own podcasts, convert eBooks into audio courses, and utilize the "Audio 1st Method" to create great videos.

  • Discover the hidden secrets in the free Audacity software that the pro's don't want you to know. This is how you can sound like you recorded in a pro studio from right where you are sitting now.
  • Learn to produce stellar MP3 files. This video will save you lots of time and heartache by walking you through a much needed installation that most people totally screw up.
  • This is where we list one of the amazing features of this module. This is a compelling benefit that coincides with this specific feature.
  • BRAAAAASXH!! I meant to do that but sometimes in audio even intentional sounds are a pain in the ass. This video will teach you how to safeguard yourself from unwanted noise and distortion in your videos.
  • Learn how to record an eBook to make your audio course. This is a super way to make more money out of all your video products and you're about to discover how easy it is to do!
  • Ever stuttered or coughed or just outright said the wrong thing in a video? Have no fear, this Audacity will show you how to flawlessly edit all mistakes out of audio tracks forever more!
  • PRO TIP: Learn to process the sound in your recordings. Need to add a little bass to your voice? How about pump up the volume? Music engineers will be sweating you!
  • Learn the final touches used by experts to stand out from the noobs. This one lesson will make your productions look and feel like they came out of a Hollywood studio.
  • Discover the point-by-point process that I use to produce a file to perfection in Audacity. This checklist will walk you step by step so you'll always be in complete control of your projects.

MODULE FOUR:  Audio Amigo

This module will leave no audio stone unturned! Here you've got 7 VIDEOS that will now demystify the recording components you need to master. Learn to select a microphone, what environmental factors you need to consider, and how to use your voice. Fair warning... this module can get a little personal at times!

  • Learn the microphone hacks that make novices sound like pro's. This video will save you loads of cash cause you'll know EXACTLY what to look for when you're shopping for a mic.
  • Discover the secret accessories that make a WORLD of difference. Some microphones come with everything you need but others will leave you up the creek without a paddle.
  • Finally understand the sound patterns that separate the men from the boys. Avoid embarrassing recording errors that can cripple your video and audio engagement!
  • Watch me find the best possible deal on a mic. This is an excellent visualization of everything that you'll in for when you're in the market.
  • Stand up to the elements and win time and time again. Learn my tips for making your room into a recording studio, or at the very least, how to get better audio for little cost.
  • I'm gonna get downright personal in this one... I mean it! I'll share a few tips with you on how to use your voice to get the best audio recording.
  • Uncover the secret to insuring that you have the best audio quality. Copy my process to insure your product ALWAYS meets the expectations of your customers.

MODULE FIVE:  The Final Packaging

Ain't no fat lady here kid! Your project's not done until the video is PRODUCED and thats what you'll master in these 4 VIDEOS. Once your video is edited, you'll need to produce it. Also, where is this video going to go when it's fully produced? There's a few considerations take into account. Learn more in this module...

  • Quickly master the art of "video settings". This video will make you an expert at creating "web ready" videos that stream beautifully and never buffer.
  • Create an MP4 file that can be uploaded to your website for speedy delivery to your customers. I'll take you by the hand and force you to master the video rendering process.
  • Discover the "ultimate" video delivery solution (IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!) This one particular way to show people your video content that will lead to more money EVERY SINGLE MONTH!
  • Learn the perfect video player principles. Chances are you've been doing this all wrong and this one short video will make ALL the difference!
Lee Parratt

While Basic Training covers the why of videos, Accelerated Profits provides the bigger picture of video production and what follows is some of the best, easy to follow training I have ever seen for any product – Wow!

Lee Parratt

PLUS: You Are Getting All These Accelerated

Bonus Video Production Tools:

BONUS ONE:  DFY Slide Package

10 Done for You Slides in two High Def sizes is JUST WHAT YOU NEED to give your videos that professional flair! These custom designed slides are perfect for your slide videos. They come in two of the most popular HI-DEFINITION sizes with three convenient formats to chose from. You can easily change the colors and other features of the slide so that you make truly unique and backgrounds for your videos.

  • Two of the most popular HI-DEFINITION sizes (1920 x 1080) and (1280 x 720) Easily adapt them to suit whatever project you're working on!
  • Three easily editable formats for your convenience PSD, PNG, & EMF. Quickly and easily change colors and other slide features to create UNIQUE looking videos!
  • Use these together with the ScreenProfits training to create AMAZING presentations. Make your videos stand out with these professionally created slide backgrounds!
  • Use them over and over again to your hearts content! Customize and deploy them as often as you like EVEN FOR YOUR CLIENTS!

BONUS TWO:  Feature Video Plugin

This WordPress Plugin replaces the “Feature Photo” on your WordPress blog posts with a video. This is a must have if you’d like an easy way to add video to your blog.

You're Gonna Love This Nifty Little Video Plugin For WordPress!

  • Adding video to your blogs and wordpress sites just got 1000x easier. Use a [short code] to place your featured video anywhere on the site.
  • Automatic insertion, lazy loading or lightbox overlays, its your choice. Use a [short code] to place your featured video anywhere on the site.
  • Paste a video URL into the designated new box on the post edit screen and VOILA! ...your video will be displayed in place of a post image.

BONUS THREE:  Easy Video Sales Pages

This is a nifty desktop software for your PC that will enable you to create a "video sales page" without having to touch one line of HTML code. The on screen wizard walks you through the process and you just have to fill in the blanks.

  • Quickly turns any video into an HTML sales page right on your desktop. No need to hire expensive snobby web designers when you can pop out quick videos sales pages YOURSELF!
  • Easy to follow fill in the blanks wizard. Even a caveman could do this! It's 100% newbie friendly and you couldn't break it if you tried.
  • Use this to create quick simple pages for clients and customers alike. You can even offer your own video sales page service using a software like this!


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