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MODULE ONE:  Accelerating Your Profits

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty of profitable video production. This module contains 3 VIDEOS that will cut right to the chase. I'm going to share with you the secrets to getting your videos set up for success!

MODULE TWO:  Catch Me If You Can

This is where we roll up our sleves and get down to business. This module has 10 VIDEOS dedicated to the preparation for making screen capture videos, all the nuts and bolts are covered in detail. You'll learn EXACTLY how to get your video marketing profits to the next level.

MODULE THREE:  Audacious Audacity

This module is dedicated to Audacity—one of the best free tools in the business! There are 8 VIDEOS , you'll learn everything you need to know to kick ass with Audacity. You'll be able to record your own podcasts, convert eBooks into audio courses, and utilize the "Audio 1st Method" to create great videos.

MODULE FOUR:  Audio Amigo

This module is a broader view of recording quality audio. Whereas the previous module focused on using Audacity, this module will teach you about how to select a microphone, what environmental factors you need to consider, and how to use your voice. Fair warning... this module can get a little personal at times!

MODULE FIVE:  The Final Packaging

We're almost done! And I mean that in more ways than just literally. Once your video is edited, you'll need to produce it. Also, where is this video going to go when it's fully produced? There's a few considerations take into account. Learn more in this module...


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